This course teaches fundamental clipper cuts, short fades, beard grooming and basic styling. We then also teach advanced styles like foil fading, blowout and drop design fades, creative scissor cuts, cutthroat shaving and razor outlining, and advanced styling based on themes and motifs. This course sets the groundwork for those who want to immediately stand toe to toe with seasoned barbers and want to impress. You will be able to leave clients with strong signatures styles that keep them returning regularly.

Stage 1 – We teach you the fundamentals of cutting men’s hair with scissors and clippers. You will be introduced to all tools of the trade, how to properly hold each and to use them. You will then learn to section the hair on the head, and you will practice techniques on a mannequin head.

Stage 2 – You will practice these techniques hands-on, on real clients that are provided to you by the academy. With each service you have our pro trainer at your side giving direct feedback and support. We also use trainer demonstrations to give you the opportunity to watch the pro and ask questions throughout the service.

Stage 3 – You next progress to focusing on refining and finishing techniques. Here we teach you methods to put your signature to haircuts through drying, styling, and finishing techniques. You will be assessed on the overall quality of your haircuts that must be passed to a standard. You participate in a class competition where you will present your best haircut against peers and be rated.

Stage 4 – We move onto more advanced level 3 skills. You will learn cutthroat wet shaving, advanced fading, advanced scissor cuts, and advanced styling. These weeks will push you both technically and creatively. We provide you clients to practice on and also use demonstrations to break down advanced cutting methods so that you master the techniques. At the end of this stage you will prepare a model based on a theme, and you will present him on stage in front of an audience to show your creative flair and technical expertise. You must provide your own model for your final presentation day.

Basic Barbering Course 

Duration: approx 20 hrs (10 lessons)

Course Code: BC-01-21

What will the course involve? You will cover the range of essential practical skills and knowledge which will help you get a job as a Barber or go on further training.

This course requires to have a Barbering Kit. That needs to be purchased.

  • Shampoo and Condition (Hair and Scalp) 
  • Hair Cut (Basic) 
  • Healthy & Safety 
  • Hair Styling 
  • Beard Trim 
  • Shaving