Crazy Colour workshop

Duration: approx 6/8 hrs (1 day)

Course Code: CC-01-22

• Types of Colour – Permanent (alters the hair from the inside) – Demi Permanent (opens the cuticle a little bit to deposit) – Semi Permanent (ex. Crazy Colour, that lays on the hair shaft)

• How can Crazy Colour be used? – Fashion Colours on bleached hair – Top Coat on permanent colours (i.e. Reds, Coppers, Violets)

• Explaining the Colour Line – Colours names and exact tonality – What Colours can go on which Level – Tips and tricks on mixing colours

• Determining if Vivid Colours are right for your client – Consulting with client if Vivid Colours are right for them Lifestyle, After Care, Maintenance

• How to Deal with Fading – Some colours may fade Green or Blue

Bleaching technqiue

Duration: approx 6/8 hrs (1 day)

Course Code: BW-01-22

 • Types of bleaches – White, Blue, Purple bleach – 9+ Bleach, Clay bleach, Scalp Bleach

• Bleaching Techniques – Virgin Application (Platinum Card) – Regrowth Application – Balayage/Foils

 • Effects of Bleach on the Hair – Breakage and Dryness – Hair Structure when bleaching – Consulting with clients on damage that might be causes due to bleaching and Aftercare

 • Underlining pigments – Determining what level client is at and what underlining pigment might come through will bleaching – Visualising at what level the hair is while it is being bleached – Neutralising.