Course Description

Make-up certificate programs offer training in make-up application, contouring and skin preparation by combining lecture-based classes with salon training. Generally, no admissions requirements exist beyond a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Students in make-up certificate programs are taught how to maintain a hygienic make-up station and how to function as part of a team in a professional setting, in addition to traditional training. Some programs may allow students to select a specialization, such as stage make-up, make-up products or skin preparation. Online courses to earn a make-up certificate may also be available.

Opportunities for Employment

Theaters, Television studios, Photography studios, Department store make-up counters, Beauty salons,Manufacturer’s Representative, Product Demonstrator.

Teaching Methods Include

The curriculum of a make-up certificate program covers proper make-up application, tools, safety and techniques. Students learn about basic concepts, such as color and blending. Courses cover face shapes and contouring methods, infection control and client consultation methods. Other topics covered may include:

  • Make-up products
  • Skin preparation
  • Stage make-up
  • Color selection and blending
  • Day and evening application methods

Aspiring make-up artists can pursue a Certificate in Make-up Artistry to learn make-up application techniques, sanitation, and color and contouring in order to become professionals. State licensing may also be required, but this depends on the services offered by the stylist.